Exterior Construction is fully underway.

Concurrently a contract with L&K Construction and Spotts Brothers are being executed to upgrade the exterior of the building.

L&K Construction has built a new entry way, is replacing all the door and windows and is applying a Dryvit System on the entire building (the system includes 3” of insulation).

Spotts Brothers is installing a new SSM (standing seam metal) roof over 5” of insulation, gutters and downspouts.  The roof extends over the kitchen and existing entry way and will eliminate some existing leaks in the existing flat roofs.

By the end of October 2014 most of these exterior improvements will be complete and the building will be able to provide a temperature appropriate facility this winter.

Over the winter, the Task Force will be framing and finishing the new entry way, large and small conference room and working with an electrician to finish off the electrical upgrade.

The Spring and Summer of 2015 we hope to perform the site work (curbs, pavement and stormwater management for a new parking layout), basketball court and hopefully a piece of new playground equipment.

Installing interior finishes, a commercial kitchen and an exterior basketball court are aspects of the project that still need to be tackled.