Why Donate?

The Veterans Community Memorial Hall, which is usually referred to as “The Memorial”,  needs our help. Back in 2005, the building was in such poor condition that the Orwigsburg Borough was considering demolishing the building. However, as you may guess, this was not an acceptable option by a group of community resident – who were tired of living in a “throwaway society”. They felt there was a better solution – that’s when the Orwigsburg Veterans’ Memorial Development Taskforce was formed.

Keeping in mind that “The Memorial”  was erected to honor our veterans and was entrusted to the people in our area by our forefathers, the Orwigsburg Veterans’ Memorial Development Taskforce felt it was not only our duty, but our right to maintain this piece of history for future generations.

For over 50 plus years, “The Memorial”  has played host to thousands upon thousands of our friends, family and forefathers and has been the venue for numerous events including recreational basketball, high school basketball, the circus, professional wrestling, scout meetings, athletic clinics, fund-raising dinners and birthday parties.

In spite of its dilapidated condition, “The Memorial”  is heavily used seven days a week, 52 weeks a year. Between five and seven groups of school district and community sports leagues are in the building for 30 to 40 hours each weekday afternoon and weekends. During the winter months this averages between 400 and 500 children and adults each week!

Any gift you make is tax-deductible. Gifts of $500 and greater can be pledged for up to 4 years.

With your help we can reach our goal to complete this project.

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